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Heriot-Watt and Galp Energia Celebrate 10-years of Collaboration

Galp is Portugal’s leading  oil and gas exploration and production (E&P) company and on Tuesday 12th June a consortium led by CEO Mr. Carlos Gomes da Silva pictured alongside Heriot Watt Principal and Vice-Chancellor Professor Richard A Williams were hosted by Professor Eric MacKay  Energi Simulation Chair in Reactive Flow Simulation at Heriot-Watt's Institute of Petroleum Engineering  (ISPG) to celebrate10-years of what has been a mutually beneficial collaboration in research and training the next generation of oil and gas engineers.

Mr Gomes da Silva was accompanied by Galp E&P  Executive Chief, Mr. Thore Kristiansen and board members of the Instituto do Petrόleo e Gás (ISPG) a partnership between Galp and six of the largest Portugese universities and since 2014, Heriot-Watt's approved learning partner in Portugal. Also in the group were 'Best in Class' graduates of ISPG's innovative MSc programme in Petroleum Engineering, a programme developed in partnership between Galp and Heriot-Watt to produce "industry ready" skilled professionals who are experts in the exploration & production of oil & gas.

Since the partnership began, Galp has supported more than 110 Masters students, sponsored 4 PhD theses at Heriot-Watt and joint industry funded projects in Enhanced Oil Recovery, Gas Hydrate Research and Production Chemistry/Scale.

Before visiting Heriot-Watt's state of the art laboratory facilities where students have access to some of the most advanced software and equipment, our guests heard from award winning gas hydrate expert, Professor Bahman Tohidi, Professor Mehran Sohrabi, Professor of Enhanced Oil Recovery and the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) "International Production and Operations Award winner, Professor Ken Sorbie, who was involved in the original development of the SQUEEZE code, now used worldwide in the design of treatments to protect oil wells from damage due to mineral scaling.

“The University is delighted with our partnership with Galp in delivering the MSc in Petroleum Engineering in Lisbon. The academic achievement of the students has been truly outstanding, and this is in no small part due to the excellent and dedicated support from our partners”

Professor Richard  AWilliams, Principal and Vice Chancellor Heriot-watt University

 In 2015, the Institute of Petroleum Engineering was awarded the Queens Anniversary Prize recognising its sustained pioneering work in innovation and research excellence not only in oil and gas engineering and exploration but its translational research where, for example, mathematical modelling to map the flow of oil and gas through rock has transferred across to medical science where the same principles apply to the movement of blood in biological systems.


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