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CASE STUDY: Energy From waste

IntelliDigest is a biotechnology start-up founded by Dr Ifeyinwa Rita Kanu,a researcher in Heriot-Watt’s Institute for Infrastructure and Environment.

Currently, we only recycle 43-44% of our food waste, leaving over 6 million tonnes to rot, emitting GHG.  Research has suggested that the publiceople lacks an economic motivation to recycle, hence, it is necessary to make recycling easy and beneficial to all (user, wider chemical industry, and the environment).

IntelliDigest has developed the world’s first autonomous and ultra-small scale organic waste digester, (IntelliAD) for onsite waste recycling, helping customers to meet regulatory demands on efficient waste management.

“Our aim is to efficiently convert every biodegradable waste to high value resource at the earliest possible time thereby capturing the whole resource value in them, reducing greenhouse gas emission and promoting circular economy.” Dr Ifeyinwa Rita Kanu

Read about 'Ifey's work with IntelliDigest here

This Summer, Heriot-Watt was awarded a small grant by Interface to continue our support of Ifey's work by setting up trials to monitor the acetic acid concentration during microbial bio-degradation of food waste in order to achieve greater efficiency and avert system perturbation during the intelligent control of the process.

Heriot-Watt's work is intended to accelerate  the development of an onsite/automated anaerobic bio-digester (IntelliAD) that can be used by businesses such as restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and schools to recycle their unavoidable food waste with ease, profitably (energy from biogas) in a manner that exceeds regulatory demand while generating high valued bio-based chemical for other industrial processes.


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