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CASE STUDY: Wind Energy

Globally, wind turbine blades, whether onshore or offshore, suffer from some degree of Leading Edge Erosion (LEE) which creates surface roughness. This not only reduces annual energy production (AEP) but it increases O&M costs. Some estimates suggest that LEE could cost up to £80-100 million in lost revenue per wind farm over a typical asset life of 25-years at a time when there is increasing demand to bring down the cost of wind power generation have never been higher, especially offshore.

Edge Solutions Ltd has developed ‘armour EDGE’ as a cost-effective solution to this growing global problem. Targeted at wind turbine operators, and blade manufacturers or maintenance engineers across the world, armour EDGE was conceived as a low-cost modular, full-life, ‘aerodynamically optimal’ leading edge protection solution for wind turbine blades.

Edge Solutions was introduced to Heriot-Watt by Interface with a view to the University contributing to trials being conducted by the company to establish that the application of armour EDGE erosion shields will have a negligible impact on aerodynamic performance. the University used Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) 2D modelling to study the before and after impact on of applying armour EDGE erosion shields to a utility scale wind turbine blade.

Read the full Case Study here


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