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ETP Student Engagement Project (STEP)


ETP Student Engagement Project (STEP)


The Energy Technology Partnership has established a new academic support programme for Scottish SMEs working in low carbon energy activity. The Student Engagement Project (STEP) will comprise an easy access (single application form) route to funded student engagement projects that can help SMEs with immediate to longer-term technical problems. Where a project is deemed to be suitable, by both the company and academic supervisory staff, for student involvement, a joint application for ETP funding can be made between the company and the student.


Scope of Work

STEP is intended to complement ETP Engagement Fund applications where student support provides a practical solution. Projects can be stand-alone or linked to other work as required and may include single students or teams where appropriate.  All STEP applications must be organised/approved through the student’s academic supervisor to ensure that project work is aligned with, and complementary to, academic study and is deemed to be suitable for a student-level engagement.

All STEP Projects must fit with current ETP Themes and contribute measurable impacts to the Scottish Government targets for the energy sector (e.g. reduction of CO2 emissions, jobs created, turnover increased, and new innovative products/processes produced) as described in the application form.

For a reminder of what these themes are, please click here. To review the Scottish Government's Draft Energy Strategy, click here

Funding and Eligibility

Applications can be from a single student or groups of students but the total budget available will be £3500 in all cases. Student hourly rates should not exceed £18/hr.

Application Process

Student applications must be from students currently engaged in a programme of study, or research programme, at one of ETP’s 12 partner universities, and who meet current “Right to Work in the UK” conditions.

Company applicants must be Scottish SMEs engaged in low carbon energy work and also must make either an “in-kind” or cash contribution of at least 30% of the total project costs.

To apply, applicants must submit an ETP STEP Application Form available here and complete the usual Gantt Chart ithrough an ETP Business Development Manager. To find out who the ETP Business Development Manager is in your field, click here. Applications must satisfy ETP that the proposed work is; within the scope (low carbon), that the participating company is a Scottish SME, and that measurable impacts (described above) can be achieved.

How Many Grants are Available?

The ETP has confided in the Energy Academy that it anticipates supporting around 2 STEP awards in each of the 7 supported Themes i.e. Power Systems and Networks, Energy Conversion and Storage, Energy Utilisation in Buildings, Marine Energy, Wind Energy, Heat Energy and Energy Systems.






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