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CASE STUDY: Hybrid Fusion Energy System (HyFES)

Over the last few years, Heriot-Watt has been working with the Denchi Group to further improve the benefits (lower fuel costs, reduced emissions) marine vessels gain from switching to a hybrid propulsion systems. This project required a wide range of disciplines including Machine Learning, Assets Management, Battery Storage and Energy Systems Integration (HyFES) from industry lead Denchi Power, Heriot-Watt, the High Speed Sustainable Manufacturing Institute (HSSMI), Custom and Contract Power Solutions (CCPS), FM and MBNA Thames Clippers and Southampton University.

The decarbonisation agenda in maritime transport requires that asset owners and operators adopt greener technologies within their existing and new vessels. The primary drivers within this agenda relate to improved environmental metrics, efficient energy performance and improved asset management. However, the integration of new technologies always presents technical and financial risks. Read the case study of Heriot-Watt's work with Denchi here

“The assistance of the Heriot-Watt team was instrumental to the success of HyFES project, demonstrating the power that a data driven approach has on determining the prognostics and asset integrity of any platform.”
John Perry, Technical Director, Denchi Power


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