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10th CEPEC SHOWCASE Green Investors' Conference
Wednesday 22 November 2017
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10th CEPEC SHOWCASE Green Investors' Conference

The organisers of the 10th CEPEC SHOWCASE is inviting applications from cleantech companies of all stages and renewable energy projects of all sizes, for consideration to present at our 10th CEPEC SHOWCASE fundraising event. If you don't have an executive summary just send them a brief email to set up an initial call to discuss what's required.


Executive Summaries should include;

  • An explanation of your business its USP
  • Any figures, projections, IP
  • Your management team
  • The amount you seek to raise

Once received the organisers will assess the suitability of the project for funding and send you their terms of business. If all is positive and you tick all our boxes , we will place you on the agenda and invite the correct investors to the event for you to present to.



Location PwC London


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