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Innovative Low-Carbon Scottish Energy Project Fund

A new £60 million fund for innovative low-carbon Scottish energy projects is now open for application.

Projects which deliver low carbon heating solutions, integrated energy systems, and ultra-low emission vehicle charging infrastructure will be able to apply for up to £100,000 to develop investment-ready business cases. Subsequently, financial support of up to 50% of the total capital value of a project - up to a maximum of £10 million per project - is available for capital–ready projects.

Scottish Environment Minister Roseanna Cunningham, officially launch the fund at an event on Monday 22nd January 2018 at Scotland House in London. The grants are being made available through the LCITP programme, an initiative that has already offered over £40 million of funding to 16 low carbon demonstrator projects supporting low carbon energy generation and supported the co-development of over 30 proof of concept and development proposals in support of the Scottish Governments Energy Strategy. For more details on the projects supported click here

Projects must be based in Scotland and be able to be fully operational by September 2021.

Details of how to apply are not yet clear but will be posted here. For more details on the LCITP click here

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New Charging Systems for Electric Vehicles

Organisations can apply for a share of £80,000 to examine how low-carbon and smart electric vehicle charging infrastructure could be introduced in Edinburgh.

The City of Edinburgh Council has up to £80,000 to invest in studies that look at how smart energy systems and renewable energy could be integrated into a future mass-market electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

A further £200,000 could be available to prototype the best ideas in a second phase of the competition.

Funding for this competition is made available by Innovate UK under the SBRI (Small Business Research Initiative) programme. In this competition, Edinburgh is seeking projects that combine on-site generation of renewable energy, battery storage and smart meters with innovative software systems to control everything. Its aim is to have financially self-sustaining, closed-loop vehicle charging systems, with smart grid and vehicle-to-grid capabilities.

  • the competition opens on 4 December 2017, and the deadline for registration is midday on 7 February 2018
  • SBRI is open to any organisation that can demonstrate a route to market for its idea
  • we expect phase 1 contracts to be worth up to £20,000 and to last up to 6 months
  • phase 2 contracts could be worth up to £100,000
  • successful projects will attract 100% funded development contracts

This is phase 1 of a potential 2 phase competition. A decision to proceed with phase 2 will depend on the outcomes from the first phase. Only successful applicants from phase 1 will be able to take part in phase 2. Up to 4 projects of duration up 6 months are anticipated in Phase 1.

To lead a project, you can:

  • be an organisation of any size
  • work alone or with others (businesses, research base and third sector

For more information on the opportunity click here

 Electric Vehicle Charging, Sustainable Energy Solutions

Organisations can apply for funding to develop an integrated and scalable low carbon electric vehicle charging solution. The competition will run in 2 phases.

For more information on this competition, guidance and deadlines for applications, click here

Bridging for Innovators Funding Programme

The STFC has launched the Bridging for Innovators (B4I) funding programme to support UK Industry to improve productivity and overcome production issues. The funding forms part of the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF), the government’s £4.7 billion support for R&D over the next four years providing significant investment for industry-led, multi-disciplinary research and business/academic collaboration

B4I is designed to help companies overcome difficult product, manufacturing or process performance issues by leveraging more than £2b worth of existing government investment in large scale scientific infrastructure.

This programme offers funding to enable companies to work with STFC’s advanced analytical technologies, supporting expertise and capabilities based in STFC’s large scale science facilities located at the various campuses around the UK, including Harwell and Daresbury.

B4I, is not intended to fund activities in areas such as product development or fundamental research.

For more information click here

 Competition opens: Tuesday 28 November 2017

  • Competition closes: Wednesday 31 January 2018 12:00pm

Infrastructure Systems

Competition opens: Tuesday 28 November 2017
Competition closes: Wednesday 31 January 2018 12:00pm

Innovate UK is to invest up to £19 million in innovation projects to encourage UK business growth in manufacturing and materials or infrastructure systems. We want businesses to collaborate on new integrated solutions and business models.

There will be:

  • up to £5 million for projects up to 12 months
    up to £14 million for projects between 13 and 36 months

A further £16 million is available to fund Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs).

This competition has 2 strands; this is the Infrastructure Systems strand. The other strand is Manufacturing and Materials.

An eligible project, in infrastructure systems must show significant innovation in one or more of Innovate's priority areas, which are:

  • smart infrastructure
    connected transport
    urban living

Proposals must improve business growth and productivity or create export opportunities for at least one UK SME involved in the project.

Projects should range in size from total costs of £25,000 to £3 million. Projects must last between 3 months and 3 years.


To be eligible for funding you must:

  • be a UK-based business, university or research and technology organisation (RTO)
  • carry out your project work, and intend to exploit the results, in the UK

All projects must involve an SME. SMEs can be the sole applicant on a project lasting less than a year and with costs below £100,000. In all other cases projects must involve at least 2 collaboration partners.

Any one business or RTO may lead on one application and partner in a further 2 applications.

If an RTO is:

  • the lead on an application they must have 2 business collaborators (one SME, and one other business of any size)
  • not the lead on any application, they can be a partner in any number of applications

Academics cannot lead on an application but can be a collaborator in any number of applications.

If an application is unsuccessful, you can use the feedback received to apply once more to have the same project funded (in other words, you can make a maximum of 2 applications in total for any project).

If Innovate UK judges that your project is not materially different from a project you have submitted before, it will be classed as a resubmission.

When Innovate UK assesses whether a project is in scope, we will use the terms and definitions laid out in the ‘Scope’ section.

The research organisations in your consortium may share up to 30% of the total eligible project costs.

If you applied to a previous competition as the lead or sole company and were awarded funding by Innovate UK, but did not make a substantial effort to exploit that award, we will award no more funding to you, in this or any other competition. You will not be able to contest our decision. We will:

  • assess your efforts in the previous competition against your exploitation plan for that project
  • review the monitoring officers’ reports and any other relevant sources for evidence
  • document our decision, which will be made by 3 team members
  • communicate our decision to you in writing


As part of this competition, Innovate will also accept applications for KTPs in all disciplines and applications that can be considered to be within infrastructure systems. That includes applications beyond the defined scope of this specific competition.

Mor information and to apply for this competition, Click Here



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