Energy Academy
An international centre of excellence and a gateway to Heriot-Watt's energy research and training activities

Our Research

The Heriot-Watt University Energy Academy is a pan-university initiative. It brings together researchers across all areas of energy and energy-related research. For the latest review of our work see

The Energy Academy has two principal objectives;

Firstly, to consolidate energy research activities and facilitate interdisciplinary programmes, both within the university and with other HEIs;

and secondly, to ensure external parties can easily gain an appreciation of our vision, skills-base and active research projects.

Areas of Research

R&D activities at Heriot-Watt University are designed to be demand-driven and in line with current priority industry and government objectives.  The University's main web-pages are a good place to start to learn more about our research:

For research in the School of Engineering and Physical Sciences, see: Research areas include: Biomedical Engineering, Digital Engineering, Energy Harvesting and Conversion, and Multiphase Flow. See also To see the main facilities within the School, click here. For a list of current staff contacts and areas of expertise click here 

For research in the School of Energy Geoscience Infrastructure and Society (includes the International Centre for Island Technology, see Research is centred around 6 Research Institutes. The Institute for Social Policy, Housing and Equalities Research; The Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Building Design where the objectives of our research is to ensure that buildings, infrastructure, public spaces and places are buildable, fit for purpose, resource efficient, sustainable, resilient, adaptable and attractive and includes our work on energy efficiency in building stock; the Centre for Infrastructure and Environment where work includes the specialist themes of water management; ultra-speed railways; systems, sustainability and society; construction materials and geo-mechanics; and structures; the Institute for Life and Earth Sciences where work includes environmental impact and the work at ICIT as well as the Urban Institute plus the Institute for Peroleum Engineering.

For research in the School of Mathematics and Computer Sciences where research areas include artificial intelligence, machine learning and forecasting, see

Research Park and Facilities

Heriot-Watt University offers an impressive range of laboratories, workshops and specialised equipment which can be accessed by companies for their own use.See We also have Edinburgh's largest Research Park. The Park offers a unique campus in which to work and learn as well as bespoke accommodation solutions to match your requirements and exceed your expectations.


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